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While we use measures to quantify our schools’ impact on their communities, we also pay close attention to what individual parents of our students say about their children’s educational experience. Please find a sampling of those voices below.

In 2011, the father of a then-student and now “alumnus” named Dokurugu (right) said, “I am so happy that you set up the school and that I have my son attending it. I have seen many changes since he started attending Titagya…There is a big difference between Dokurugu and my children at public schools. When our children play after school and on vacation, sometimes they compare what they know how to spell. Dokurugu was able to spell many things that public primary school students were not able to. For instance, he is better at spelling 3-letter words. He can also spell his name and my name, while my children in public school cannot do that.”

The mother of another student named Gilbert (left) said, “I am happy that Gilbert is attending Titagya Schools. I have seen many changes in him since he started. When he is home he plays with public primary school students. I often observe them, and Gilbert sometimes teaches them the songs he learns in school. They also sometimes challenge each other to informal competitions that involve adding numbers, and Gilbert does better than the other students. I know that if he continues he will be somebody in the future.”

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