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Our Mission

Titagya Schools is a social enterprise that seeks to dramatically improve the educational situation in northern Ghana. The key educational challenges are that there is a dearth of pre-schools and kindergartens and curricula in public schools are too reliant on ineffective rote memorization for young children. The former problem leads to unprepared students who do poorly in later years, and the latter likewise reduces the chances that children will succeed. High-quality education is a necessary component of ensuring that children have access to a prosperous, healthy future. We believe that every child is entitled to the opportunity to have a great education, particularly at a young age, when research shows that it counts most.

Our mission is to help bring about a greater quantity – in terms of number of schools, especially at the pre-primary level – and quality of education in northern Ghana. The rural literacy rate in northern Ghana, the poorest part of Ghana, is currently 22%, and we aim to eventually help lift this rate to above 90%, as is common in OECD countries. The resulting gains from improved and increased formal education will have other important benefits, such as stronger critical thinking, creative, and social skills. In the schools we operate, we also aim to instill the values of respect for oneself, others, and the community. Education is a key link to broader development gains, including a more politically-empowered citizenry and people better equipped to start and staff successful businesses.

As we push with our partners towards this positive vision, we pledge to uphold our core values: financial transparency, accountability, cost effectiveness, local participation and stakeholdership, individual dignity, and excellence in education and staff management. By operating in this way, we expect to create a model that will revolutionize early education in northern Ghana and create positive change in other rural, economically poor areas in developing countries.

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