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About Titagya Schools

Titagya Schools is a social enterprise that is dedicated to improving the quality of early education in sub-Saharan Africa.  We currently operate four pre-schools and kindergartens and organize trainings for public-school educators in northern Ghana, a region with the population of Liberia and a rural literacy rate of 22%.  We started Titagya after researching and observing first-hand how the lack of early education in the region was negatively affecting children’s ability to do well in later grades; in addition, we saw that teenage girls often had to stay at home from school to look after younger siblings.  We were also troubled by the fact that most local schools taught via rote memorization, which, on its own, has been shown to be an ineffective way of teaching young children.

Our schools utilize a curriculum that combines local knowledge with the best international teaching practices to give children a strong head start in their language, math, emotional, and social development.  To learn more about our curriculum, click here to see an example of the interactive curriculum modules that we use.  We believe in the importance of local leadership and capacity-building and all of our staff is Ghanaian.  We also partner with the government to ensure that we support the learning of the more than 90% of students in Ghana who attend public schools.  We’re based in Dalun, Ghana and incorporated in the US and Ghana.

“I love children and am happy to be teaching at Titagya, where I have the opportunity to help groom the kids to become successful adults.”

– Sumaila Mariama, Titagya Teacher

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