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Every year, Titagya Schools selects a small number of highly-motivated interns to help with teaching, curriculum development, and fundraising in Ghana and the US. Interning with Titagya Schools is a great way for students to gain experience working for a fast-growing, international social enterprise that is building a network of schools in rural Ghana. Interns are exposed to various aspects of our operations and work with a dedicated and fun team. By interning at Titagya, you can spend a summer or more having a valuable impact on young children’s lives and gaining first-hand development experience. Examples of previous intern projects include making a video about our mission, serving as a teaching assistant, writing grants for new classrooms, and designing aspects of our curriculum.

Interns are students or recent graduates from top universities who are passionate about education, accomplished, creative, sensitive to other cultures, and good at working in a team setting. They often have previous experience in the functional area in education or fundraising. If this sounds like you, we can’t wait to hear from you. For more information or to apply, please contact Andrew Garza at We begin accepting resumes for summer internships in October, and decisions are typically made by January. At this time, we aren’t able to offer stipends for interns, so we require that they independently identify university or other outside funding sources.

Previous Interns

Deborah Leter, Summer 2013 Intern

Debbie served as a Teacher’s Assistant in Dalun and created new curriculum materials.  She also co-developed new art activities.

Ava Cotlowitz, Summer 2013 Intern
Ava worked as a Teacher’s Assistant in Dalun and developed curriculum modules.  She also co-created new art activities.

Diarmaid King, Summer 2013 Intern
Diarmaid served as a Teacher’s Assistant in Dalun and created curriculum modules.  In addition, he led new physical-education activities.

Esteniolla Maitre, Summer 2013 Intern
Esteniolla served as a Teacher’s Assistant in Dalun and developed curriculum modules.  She also focused on creating new story-telling activities.

Clara Kang, Summer 2012 Intern
Clara served as a Teacher’s Assistant in Dalun and updated curriculum materials.  She previously interned for 826LA, an organization that develops creative-writing skills among students in inner-city communities in Los Angeles.  Clara was a student at Haverford College.

Falone Masudi Minga, Summer 2011 Intern

Falone interned for us from New York, where she focused on grant-writing and research.  She previously interned at the Student Sponsorship Program, a South African non-profit organization.  Falone is a student at Amherst College.

Cece Sizoo-Roberson, Summer 2011 Intern

Cece helped us develop curriculum modules and did research on new educational methods.  She previously interned at the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), a U.S. charter school organization that works in traditionally underserved communities.  Cece attended Haverford College.

Emma Yun, 2010 Intern
Emma developed fundraising materials for us and contributed to our website.  She previously worked for the International Rescue Committee and is currently with  Emma attended Haverford College.

Alison Crawford, Summer 2009 Intern
Alison served as a Teacher’s Assistant in Dalun and developed curriculum modules.  She previously interned for the Special Education Department of the Wissahickon Charter School in Philadelphia and currently works for Teach for America.  Alison attended Haverford College.

Chris Brandt, Summer 2009 Intern
Chris served as a Teacher’s Assistant in Dalun and filmed and produced a video about our work.  He previously interned for the Gateway School, a school in New York with an accelerated curriculum that caters to students with special needs.  Chris attends Davidson College.

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