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We are currently building a computer lab and administrative center on the premises of our pre-school.  The Gail Shell Computer Lab will serve our current students, those who attend the future kindergarten, and other children in the community.  A combination of educational approaches, including in-class activities and interactive media, is important for stimulating children’s creativity and catering to a variety of learning styles.  In our increasingly “connected” world, it is also important that children become familiar and comfortable with computers from a young age; this engagement helps to set them on a path to become true global citizens and productive workers who are able to take advantage of all that the internet and computers have to offer.

Your old laptop can make a difference in giving more children ready access to computer technology.  All US laptops that we are familiar with work in Ghana when they are plugged into our adaptors.

Please send laptops to:

Titagya Schools
Dalun Education Ridge Street

North-West Kumbungu District

Northern Region


West Africa

For more information, please contact us at  


Education is the key process for developing a society’s future teachers, businesspeople, doctors, politicians, scientists, and other leaders.  In fact, high-quality early education has been shown to have a social impact as high as $17 for every $1 invested.  Your contribution can help to ensure that children in northern Ghana, a region with a rural literacy rate of 23%, are able to gain the skills and early confidence they need to succeed during the rest of their academic careers.

An investment of:

  • $100 supports a student for one year.

  • $20,000 builds a new school for 90 students.

Make a donation to support a student today!

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Would you like to get directly involved with carrying out our programs or the important support activities that drive our mission? Titagya Schools is a largely volunteer-driven organization, and your skills and energy can help us to advance our educational goals in Ghana. Please see the list of ways to get involved below. Email us at for more information about how you can get engaged.

Professional Volunteers

Are you interested in sharing your expertise in fundraising, accounting, non-profit law, curriculum design, educational research, or marketing with us? We have a variety of needs in these areas, and your skills could make a real difference.


Are you a college or graduate student or recent college graduate interested in working with us part-time? Becoming a part of our team is a great way to make a valuable difference, as well as to develop skills in non-profit operations, early education, and leadership. Interns assist us with fundraising, marketing, and other activities throughout the year. A limited number of students join us in Ghana over the summer to support our programs on the ground. Please send a copy of your resume to

Community Volunteers

Would you like to help spread the word about and raise money for Titagya’s mission in your community? Grassroots support currently makes up the majority of our fundraising. You can also help spread awareness about the importance of making high-quality early education more widely available in Ghana. There are a number of ways you can support our work, including coordinating a fundraising dinner party, organizing a presentation in front of a community group, and many more. We would love to work with you and members of your workplace, college, organization, or town or city.

New York Leadership Committee

Are you interested in planning events, raising funds, and helping to develop our programs and strategy? Do you reside in or near New York City? Our New York Leadership Committee serves as both a fundraising body and an internal “think-tank.” We are seeking additional members who have a passion for educational development, who have experience with fundraising, and who would be willing to dedicate 5-10 hours per month to helping us broaden our impact.

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