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Chief of Kasuliyili Commends the Board of Directors for Titagya Schools and wants more upper levels.

Pedagogical education plays a pivotal role in shaping students' lives and ensuring their success in the ever-evolving world. Recognizing this, the Board of Directors recently paid a visit to Titagya Schools and the Kasuliyili to discuss the transformative power of pedagogical education in enhancing the lives of students and the community as a whole.

During their visit, the Board members engaged in fruitful conversations with the school's administration, teachers, and parents. The discussions centered around exploring innovative teaching methodologies and designing comprehensive educational programs that foster well-rounded development.

The visit emphasized the importance of equipping students with vital skills, beyond academic knowledge, to thrive in the modern world. By adopting pedagogical approaches that prioritize critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, Titagya Schools aim to produce students who are not only academic achievers but also active contributors to society.

Moreover, the visit to the Kasuliyili Palace shed light on the school's commitment to community development. Titagya Schools strongly believe in the power of education to uplift communities, and they actively engage students in projects that address local challenges. From environmental sustainability initiatives to community service programs, students are encouraged to become agents of change, instilling a sense of responsibility and empathy within them.

The Board of Directors of Titagya Schools recently received commendation from the Chief of Kasuliyili, a local community near the educational institution. Noting the positive impact of Titagya Schools on nearby communities, the Chief took the opportunity to express his appreciation during a meeting with the Board members. Furthermore, he seized the occasion to make an appeal for the establishment of a primary school and junior high school within the community.

The Chief of Kasuliyili acknowledged the significant contributions of Titagya Schools in providing quality education to the region. He commended the school's dedication to innovation, pedagogical excellence, and community engagement. Recognizing the transformative power of education, the Chief emphasized the need to extend the benefits of such education to the younger students within Kasuliyili.

Noting the geographical proximity to Titagya Schools, the Chief appealed to the Board of Directors to consider establishing a primary school and junior high school specifically catering to the needs of the community. He expressed the belief that by providing access to quality education from the earliest stages, the community could lay a solid foundation for the holistic development and future success of its children.

The establishment of a primary and junior high school within Kasuliyili would not only increase educational opportunities for young learners but also enable them to continue their education in a familiar and community-centered environment. It would further promote social equity and reduce barriers to education, ensuring that every child in the community has a fair chance to succeed.

The Board of Directors of Titagya Schools, known for their commitment to expanding educational access, received the Chief's appeal with great interest. They expressed their gratitude for the Chief's recognition and assured him that his request would be thoroughly considered. The Directors further acknowledged the positive impact that the establishment of primary and junior high schools in Kasuliyili could have on both the community and the region at large.

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